On 05/06/2021, at 1:31 PM, Augusta University Police Department responded to the Augusta University Medical Center, in reference to stalking.  When the Officer arrived, he met with the victim/employee.  The victim/employee reported on numerous occasion she felt the offender/employee was following her home, interfering with her work product and bugging her home.  The victim/employee further stated this has caused her to be in fear and she has resigned from her job.  The Officer was unable to meet with the offender/employee at the time of the initial report but would conduct a follow-up report later.  Anyone with additional information about this incident may contact the AU Police Department at 706-721-2911. 

AU Police Updates

The purpose of the daily police updates is to record criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents that are reported to the AU Police Department. A crime will typically be entered into the crime log within two business days of the reporting to AUPD.