On 08/23/2021, at 12:36 AM, Augusta University Police Officers responded to the Augusta University Medical Center, Children’s Hospital of GA parking deck, in reference to a drug violation.   When the Officers arrived they found a vehicle in the lane of traffic with the offender/visitor unresponsive sitting in the driver’s seat.  A short time later the offender/visitor became responsive and started answering questions.  The offender/visitor admitted to using drugs and alcohol and stated drugs were in the vehicle.  The offender/visitor was transported to AUMC for evaluation via ambulance and his vehicle was searched.  The search resulted in numerous substances believed to be marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine.  The items were collected as evidence and warrants were obtained naming the offender/visitor as the offender.  Upon release from AUMC the offender/visitor was arrested.  Anyone with additional information about this incident may contact the AU Police Department at 706-721-2911.

AU Police Updates

The purpose of the daily police updates is to record criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents that are reported to the AU Police Department. A crime will typically be entered into the crime log within two business days of the reporting to AUPD.