On 02/27/2017, at 12:07 AM, Augusta University Police stopped a red Pontiac at 15th Street and Central Avenue for running a red light.  Officer made contact with the driver and detected the order of Marijuana from inside the vehicle.  A search was conducted and found a partially smoked Marijuana cigarette in the center console.  The substance tested positive for Marijuana, and was taken as evidence.  The driver was taken into custody and process.  The subject was booked into the Richmond County Jail on the following charges:  Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device; Driving While License Cancelled; and Possession of Marijuana.  Anyone with additional information about this incident may contact the AU Police Department at 706-721-2911.

AU Police Updates

The purpose of the daily police updates is to record criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents that are reported to the AU Police Department. A crime will typically be entered into the crime log within two business days of the reporting to AUPD.